*New in 2018*

» CMAS/CoAlt: Social Studies Will Not Be Administered to High School
The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has determined that high schools will not administer CMAS: Social Studies to eleventh graders during the 2017-18 school year. After the adoption of standards revisions during July 2018, CDE will work with districts, the state Board of Education and legislature to determine the best way to move forward with this assessment.

» No 9th Grade CMAS:  9th grade students will take the PSAT 9 (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test by College Board) for language arts and math.  There are no 9th grade CMAS assessments.

CMAS Testing Calendars 

CMAS Testing Calendar
CoAlt Testing Calendar

CMAS Social Studies Testing 

List of schools to participate in CMAS Social Studies 2018

» The one-third of elementary and middle schools that did not administer the social studies assessments over the last two years will administer CMAS/CoAlt social studies assessments this year.

» High schools can elect to conduct CMAS science & social studies testing during the optional early administration window from April 2-April 20, 2018.  In order to begin testing early, a school must “opt-in” by completing this form.  The deadline to opt-in is December 14, 2017.

For questions, please contact Rochanda Jackson.


CMAS student reports available

» Individual Student Reports (paper copies of student performance results) will be sent to schools on August 31st for distribution home to students and families.  For instructions and resources, go to the section titled CMAS Score Report Toolkit for report distribution (below).

» Teachers and administrators can view their school/student results in the Principal & Teacher Portals.  Guides are located on the right-side of this page, under Score Resources.

» Teachers can also view student results in Illuminate.

» Site Assessment Leaders were granted permission into PearsonAccessNext to access school and student-level reports. SALs can grant permission to teachers to view student reports in the new OnDemand tool.

» Parents and guardians can view CMAS results on the Parent Portal.  Student performance reports will be available in the Parent Portal in September 2017.


Resources Coming Soon:  Fall 2017

CMAS SAL Trainings 2017-18
Accommodations Training
Administration & Ethics Training

CMAS ELA Field Test Schools 2017-18
CDE will not require ELA field testing units this year.

Manuals & Resources 2017-18

- CMAS CoAlt Procedures Manual
- CMAS Unit Testing Times
Testing Multiple Grades Guidance

Policy for Calculators and Math Tools

Calculator Policy 2017
Math Tools Policy
Math Reference Sheets 2017


Helpful Links

PearsonAccessNext:  Testing Site | Training Site

Assessment Applications
- Oasis Data Entry (UAR)
- School Folders
- Irregularity Report
- Request Additional CMAS Materials
- SAL Designation Tool


PearsonAccessNext User Guides

User File Sample Layout
User File Field Definitions
SR_PNP Field Definitions_18
Adding a User (Test Administrator)
Setting Accommodations
Create, Delete a Test Session
Add, Remove, Move Students in a Test Session
Print Testing Tickets
Prepare, Start, Unlock, Lock a Test
Monitoring a Test Session
Resume a Test
SAL Suppport Packet

Student performance reports (paper copies of individual student results) are being sent to schools by August 31st.  Printed instructions for distributing reports to students and their families have been included with the boxes of reports.

To view digital versions of these instructions and other school-specific resources for CMAS report distribution, please visit this page.